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Senior Ticketing Executive


We are looking for Senior Ticketing Executive Grant Road & Cuffe Parade,Mumbai


Post- Senior Ticketing Executive

Experience- 5years-8years

Duties and Responsibilities

There are the following duties and responsibilities of a ticketing executive: The main duty is to comply and record information to assemble tickets. He or she has to reads coded data on booking card to ascertain destination, carrier, flight number, type of accommodation, and stopovers enroute. He or she has to select ticket blank, invoice, and customer account card. He or she needs to fulfill the jobs such as compiles, computes, and records identification and fare data, using tariff manuals, rate tables, flight schedules, and pen or ticket imprinter. He or she has to separate and files copies of completed tickets. It will be the responsibility to set targets for sales of season tickets and all matches on the ticketing system in advance of each game in preparation for ticket sales. He or she has to maintain the coordination with ticketing system service providers regarding the system capabilities and proposes to the line manager any additions or adjustments needed It will be needed to work with the finance department and management with regard to reporting and invoicing. He or she has to collaborate with the marketing manager regarding a clear pricing policy for ticket

Skills and Specifications

 The required skills and specifications are as follows: The person needs to have the excellent communicational skills both written and oral. He or she should have the Strong numerical skills. He or she has to be a good team member. He or she should have strong organizational skills and ability to work and meet deadlines. The person needs to have the exceptional motivational skills to do the job. He or she must have strong numerical skills to do the job.


Location-  Grant Road & Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

 Interested candidate can call us on 6615 44 33 between 10.30-6.30   or

 can mail us on hr @ placementmumbai. com




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Location cuff parade
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